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Our Services

Supply, Deliver, &  Rotate

We supply and deliver 10-15 yard containers (crates/trailers) to your company's site, and rotate as you call at NO COST to you. This eliminates exuberant landfill fees and allows for many recyclable commodities to be reused.

Toll Grinding & Pulverizing

We offer toll grinding and toll pulverizing services for your PVC and industrial plastic available for pick up or delivery to your location.

Blended Pulverized Materials

Currently available are four pulverized blends for sale, Need a customized blend? Contact us to see how we can help you fill your material need.

Accepting Materials

We currently accept PVC post-consumer and post-industrial scrap materials in a variety of forms.

Drop Trailers

We can provide drop trailers at your dock.

Grinding, Blending & Pulverizing

We specialize in grinding, blending, and pulverizing PVC for your specific needs.

Regrind Options

We have vinyl siding regrind, mixed color window regrind, and white window regrind for purchase.

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